Fire tablets and Echo speakers are rarely expensive. They’re built to be affordable, and some of them are especially cheap for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’ve compiled every decent deal on Amazon-branded devices going on right now. Amazon has a Device Deals page with many of its best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but we have them all organized below.

Note: Deals tend to flow and out of availability at a rapid rate during Black Friday. Please bear with us. We will continue to update this list as we learn about new deals, and items sell out. You can read more WIRED Black Friday deals guides here.

Kindle Deals

The newly updated Kindle Paperwhite is available for preorder starting at $130. The waterproof e-readers will ship in early November.


This isn’t the new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite (9/10, WIRED Recommends), but it’s still an awesome ebook reader. If you’re an avid reader, check out Kindle Unlimited. It lets you read unlimited books (and listen to Audible books) for a monthly fee.

Fire HD Tablet Deals

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet


We’re fans of some of Amazon’s Fire Tablets. The Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 are our two favorites, along with the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition if you’re buying for a little one. Read more about all of Amazon’s tablets in our Which is the Best Fire Tablet? guide. We do not recommend you pick up a Fire 7 tablet, even at Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal prices.

Echo Speaker Deals


Read our WIRED Best Echo & Alexa Speakers guide for recommendations on which Amazon Echos we think are worth your hard-earned money. Our Best Smart Speakers guide has even more options if you’re still deciding which to buy.

Bonus Discounts If You Also Buy an Echo

If you purchase an Echo product, Amazon will discount these items.

Fire TV Deals


Amazon’s Fire TV platform is great if you subscribe to Amazon Prime or buy Amazon Instant Videos. It emphasizes Amazon content above Netflix and other providers, but it does have most of the major streaming apps. At these Black Friday deal prices, even the Fire TV Cube is mighty appealing.

Amazon Prime Subscription Deals

These are deals above and beyond what Amazon normally offers for its various services.


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