Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub.

Photograph: Google

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Google makes a plethora of smart displays, but this is one of the absolute best. The 7-inch touchscreen is nice, the sunrise alarm is nice, the gesture controls are nice … and it does it all without a camera. Read more about it in our in-depth review

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Like the aforementioned Portal Go, the Facebook Portal is super handy for video calling. It’s also made by Facebook. These do go on sale a few times throughout the year; $79 is the lowest price WIRED has tracked. Here’s our full review

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Shopping in a way that aligns with your morals can be tricky. That’s why we try to include several retailer options when possible! With a device made directly by Facebook (or “Meta”), it can be a bit trickier. Facebook, as a company, has faced a lot of public scrutiny. When stripped from its maker, the Portal Go (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is a good gadget, and this is the best price we have seen. It’s particularly handy for video chatting, whether with long-distance relatives or with colleagues. Should you want to buy one, this deal is a goodie. Should you not, there are some other products on sale that might be a better fit. 

amazon echo

Echo Show 5.

Photograph: Amazon

While we much prefer Amazon’s larger Echo Show devices, the Show 5 is super cute and nails the basics. You can ask Alexa nearly anything, video chat (there’s a camera), and use it as a smart home hub. We appreciate the physical shutter for the camera when it’s not in use, but the smaller screen detracts from the magic and limits its usefulness. 

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While we prefer Google Assistant, this is the best alternative smart display for Alexa fans. It’s a good size for the kitchen counter or night stand and you can use it to watch video, ask Alexa questions, and make video calls. It also makes a nice digital photo frame if you use Amazon Photos.

In our guide to the Best Smart Displays, we say the Lenovo Smart Clock is perfect for a bedroom. Since the display is on the small side, it works particularly well on a nightstand or dresser. The interface is minimal, but still helpful, providing at-a-glance information on important reminders or weather updates (as well as the time). The illuminated numbers will dim while you sleep, and you can charge your phone using the USB-A port on the back of the display. Less nightstand clutter means more room for water glasses! The bare-bones Smart Clock Essential is also on sale for $30 ($15 off).

Smart Home Deals

Be sure to check out our guides on How to Set Up a Smart Home and How to Keep a Smart Home Private for tips and helpful advice. 

Google Nest Indoor and Outdoor Camera

Nest Cam (Battery).

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This Google Assistant camera made our list of the Best Outdoor Security Cameras, too. It will blend seamlessly with homes that already have some Google Assistant gear (or will in the future). The camera works as intended once the easy, renter-friendly installation is complete, and we like the wide-angle view combined with the motion detection. The battery lasts for quite a while—about a month—and we think the $6 per month subscription is worth it for the additional features. You can read more about the camera in our roundup

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We’re testing this video doorbell now, and it’s a great budget pick. This version is wire-free so you don’t have to worry too much about installation. We saw it drop down $30 more, but $170 is still not a bad deal.

While they certainly aren’t cheap, Philips Hue smart lights are among the best you can buy with a wide choice of colors and temperatures, an easy-to-use app, and reliable performance. The starter kit includes three bulbs, a hub so your smart lights can connect more reliably on their own mesh network making them more responsive than lights that connect via Bluetooth, and a handy wireless dimmer switch. 

Arlo security camera

Arlo Pro 4.

Photograph: Arlo

The Arlo Pro 4 is our top pick for the Best Outdoor Security Camera. This bundle includes three cameras, respective batteries, and some additional pieces like a yard sign and anti-theft mounts, all at the same price as it would usually cost to buy two of these cameras separately. The price here is hard to beat, especially for folks that were planning on buying any of the components individually. 

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With single routers selling for $139, and that being a good deal, snagging two for $179 is a steal. There are newer and faster routers on the market, but this should do t he trick for most homes, especially considering the price. Here’s the detailed review. Just keep in mind that there’s no support for Wi-Fi 6, so these aren’t as future-proof as some other options.   

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While we haven’t officially reviewed it, associate editor Parker Hall thinks this device is more than good enough to be his main thermostat. Nest thermostats are generally convenient and reliable. Their intelligent scheduling features help cut down on costs from things like heating a house when nobody’s home. Utility companies often offer rebates for installing them, too, so it may be even cheaper in the long run.