Long before I was forced to stay indoors last spring, I spent most of my time … indoors. I built a PC back in college (with the help of friends), and since then I’ve continued perfecting my home office setup—switching desks, keyboards, monitors, and more.

When everyone was forced to quarantine because of the coronavirus pandemic, I realized most people don’t have a home office setup like mine. The pandemic is still with us, and while people are getting vaccinated, it’s increasingly likely that some kind of remote work is here to stay for a lot of folks. So, my fellow folks privileged enough to work from home, below are some picks that might make that work more bearable. Almost every pick here has been tested by WIRED’s Gear team.

Updated April 2021: I’ve added several new items, like Cushion Labs’ seat cushion and Keychron’s K3 Ultra-Slim keyboard. We’ve also gone through every section and updated copy, links, and pricing and removed outdated products.

Gear You May Need

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You’ll Need a Good Laptop or PC

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MacBook Air with M1.

Photograph: Apple 

We’re guessing you have a laptop or desktop of some kind, whether it’s your own personal device or the one you brought from work. If not, check out our Best Laptops, Best Cheap Laptops, Best Chromebooks, and Best MacBooks guides. Our step-by-step laptop buying guide might help too. If you’re eyeing a desktop PC, we have recommendations and advice for prebuilt gaming PCs that might be handy, or you can build your own.