You may be going back to the office soon, but several companies are allowing employees to work from home for a few days of the week. Some are offering a permanent WFH option. Needless to say, remote work isn’t going away even as more and more people get vaccinated. If you’re looking to upgrade your home office, we’ve rounded up the best Prime Day deals on work-from-home gear.

Note: We regularly update articles and strike through items that sell out or rise in price as of publishing, and we mark discounts based on recent product pricing or average price, not MSRP. Be sure to check discounts for yourself. Our picks come from research and our extensive experience reviewing products. You’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription to get most of these deals.

Updated Tuesday: We’ve updated prices, crossed out a few expired deals, and added the Nooie security camera as an option for protecting your office goods.

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Desk and Chair Deals

flexispot standing desk

Flexispot Standing Desk

Photograph: Amazon

You’ll need to click the coupon to see the deal at checkout. I’ve tested and really like Flexispot’s EN1 standing desk, but this version goes a step further by adding USB charging ports (two USB-A and one USB-C) and a drawer so you can clean up your desk clutter. There are four height memory buttons, so you can preset the perfect height for when you sit or stand, and also configure it for others in your household. This one even has a child lock that prevents kids from operating the desk.

Click the on-page coupon to see the discount at checkout. I’ve been using a similar version of this desk for more than a year, and it has served me exceptionally well. This one doesn’t have folding legs, but it’s spacious at 63 inches, and it takes just minutes to set up. The desktop is particleboard and nothing special, but it feels solid.

We haven’t put our rears in this chair yet, but based on reviews across the web and on Amazon, it’s clearly well-received. Razer says it has a lumbar support system to help your lower back, it’s made of synthetic leather, and it utilizes high-density foam cushions for a plushy seat.

This is one of the most popular standing desks around, and for good reason: It’s pretty much the best. (WIRED reviews director Jeffrey Van Camp uses it and agrees.) The bamboo top is exquisite and eco-friendly, and there are a myriad of ways to customize the desk to your liking. You get a 15-year warranty on all the desk frame components, as well as the mechanical parts, motors, and electrical components, which is rare. 

Laptop and Laptop Stand Deals

Be sure to read our Best Laptops, Best Cheap Laptops, Best MacBooks, and Best Chromebooks guides for more of our recommendations. Our How to Buy a Laptop guide also offers lots of advice if you’re unsure on what processors and RAM to choose. 

apple macbook pro with M1

MacBook Pro

Photograph: Apple

The entry-level MacBook Pro for almost the same price as the MacBook Air? Yes, please. It’s the lowest price we’ve ever seen. This is the first MacBook Pro with Apple’s powerful M1 processor, and while you shouldn’t expect a tremendous power boost over the MacBook Air (which has the same chip), the Pro has a fan that allows the chip to deliver more power, and it can sustain it longer during intensive tasks. You also get better battery life, a brighter screen, nicer speakers, and higher-quality mics. Oh, and the Touch Bar, if you care. 

Use coupon THINKBIGSAVINGS to see the discount at checkout. When you land on this page, you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of options available for the ThinkPad X1 Nano. We recommend grabbing the 11th-gen Intel Core i7 model with 16 gigabytes of RAM and a 1-terabyte SSD. That will deliver more than enough power and storage for most people. This machine is lightweight, attractive, has a great keyboard, buttons on top of the trackpad, and a nice 13-inch screen. Ports are limited to two USB-C and a headphone jack. 

This is the lowest price ever on this 14-inch Windows machine. It’s thin and light yet offers long battery life, the ability to play some games like Fortnite, and you get tons of ports! Seriously, you get an HDMI, two USB-A ports, a USB-C that supports Thunderbolt 4, and a headphone jack. The trackpad is a bit mushy, but the 1080p screen is bright and battery life is excellent.

The 14-inch Acer Swift 3 is our favorite budget laptop. This model uses an Intel Core i7 chip, which means you can get a more powerful chip for less than the price of the configuration in our guide (which has an i5). It also has 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 256-gigabyte solid-state drive (SSD), with a Full HD IPS LCD display (IPS is a little nicer than some types of LCD).

Image may contain Electronics Pc Computer Display Screen Monitor

Asus Chromebook Flip C434

Photograph: Asus

This is a match of the lowest price we’ve ever seen. The Flip C434 is our favorite Chromebook at the moment. The display is bright and sharp, the battery lasts more than a full work day, and the Core M3 chip is decent enough for standard-fare everyday tasks. (If you frequently have more than 25 tabs open, you may want to opt for something more powerful, like the Galaxy Chromebook below.)

It’s not the sleekest Chromebook around, but you get surprisingly decent performance with the 10th-gen Intel Core i3 processor inside. It has a 360-degree design, so you can flip the screen all the way around, which is handy for watching movies or using the 13-inch touchscreen with Android apps. 

Samsung’s original Galaxy Chromebook remains a powerful machine with a gorgeous screen. If you’re looking for a top-tier Chromebook, this is one of the best we’ve used. The only problem is the battery life, which is pretty bad—you’ll rarely get more than 5.5 hours of run time. Also keep in mind that this has been selling for less than $800 for many months now (and it has dipped even lower before).

Image may contain Electronics Pc Computer and Laptop

Moft Z Sit-Stand Desk

Photograph: Moft 

Stop craning your neck and staring down at your laptop screen. Get a stand to elevate it! We like this one from Moft, which you can configure to five different positions. It can get up to 10 inches tall, so if you want to stand and work for a bit, the option is there. The best part is that this model is so lightweight and thin, you can take it anywhere. 

This is our favorite laptop stand for most people. It can get higher than most, and you can adjust it to pretty much any angle you want. It’s also sturdy enough that you don’t have to worry about heavier laptops or tablets.

I’m not sure what this company’s name means, but I really like this mini laptop desk for working in bed or on the couch. It offers up a large surface area that can fit bigger laptops, and you can tilt the main platform up, which is especially handy if you’re sketching on an iPad. There’s a tiny little drawer you can use to store cables or other tchotchkes. It’s hovered between $40 and $50 since the pandemic began.

This is last year’s Razor Blade 15 (our favorite gaming laptop), but it’s still a plenty powerful portable gaming rig. The configuration on sale here pairs a 6-Core Intel i7 with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 graphics card.

The Lenovo Yoga 9I is a 14-inch convertible ultrabook. This configuration features an 11th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, 8 gigabytes of RAM, and a 256-gigabyte SSD. It also comes with a stylus, which packs away in a handy storage slot.

Alienware’s M15 is one of the best gaming laptops you can buy. It’s sleek (for a gaming laptop), powerful, and has an eye-popping screen (with a 240-Hz refresh rate). The only catch is it’s expensive, but this deal takes some of the pain out of the price. We reviewed a similar version here.

Monitor Deals

We haven’t tested the monitors in this section, but we’ve cross-referenced reviews from around the web and tried to stick with reputable brands we are familiar with. Looking for more options? We have a few products we’ve tested and recommend in our Home Office Gear guide

BenQ monitor

BenQ Curved Monitor

Photograph: BenQ

Sure, you’ve probably used a 24-inch monitor before, maybe even a 27-inch one. But what about a 32-inch monitor? There’s enough room to fit two browser tabs side by side. You also get high resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) on this VA panel, support for AMD’s FreeSync if you plan on gaming and need a fast response, and the monitor itself supports a 144-Hz screen refresh rate. The array of ports on the back include HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C, USB-A, plus a headphone jack, and it can be VESA mounted if you want to ditch the stand. It has dipped to this price before, but not frequently.

Want a large screen that can reasonably fit on your desk without spending too much? This Lenovo monitor has positive reviews around the web, a 2,560 x 1,440-pixel resolution, and a 75-Hz refresh rate that works with AMD’s FreeSync platform. You get an HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity, plus a 3.5-mm headphone jack on the back. VESA mounting support means you can reclaim some space on your desk. This is the lowest price we’ve seen yet. 

Vissles screen

Vissles Portable Monitor

Photograph: Vissles 

If you’re itching to go back to working out of a coffee shop but got used to the luxury of a monitor hooked up to your laptop, well, here’s the solution. We tested and really like this portable 1080p touchscreen monitor (9/10, WIRED Recommends). It has dual USB-C ports as well as Mini HDMI, so it’s easy to connect it to an array of devices, and it’s slim enough to stow it in a backpack.

We haven’t tested this model yet, but we’re familiar with the brand and the reviews are overall positive. This one isn’t a touchscreen like the Vissles above, but it comes with a screen protector, a leather case, and all the cables you’d need. It’s 1080p, has USB-C and HDMI ports as well as a headphone jack. The included smart cover lets you orient it in portrait or landscape mode. 

This is an elegant monitor mount if you want to ditch the stand to clear some space on your desk. I’ve been using it to hold up my 34-inch ultrawide for the past two years and it hasn’t failed once. We haven’t tested it, but Fully’s Jarvis monitor arm is also discounted for $89 ($20 off)

If all you need is a simple, external screen, then this 24-inch monitor should do the job. My partner has been using it for a year with no issues. It has VGA, DVI, and HDMI ports, along with a 1080p resolution. It doesn’t have VESA mounting capabilities. 

This HP monitor doesn’t have as high a screen resolution as the Lenovo above (it’s just 1,920 x 1080 pixels), so you might see more pixels, but it has built-in speakers, can be VESA mounted, and has HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA ports. 

OK, hear me out. Sometimes you just don’t want to switch tabs. It’s 2021, people! This super ultrawide from Samsung has a screen so large and wide, it will probably hang off of your desk. But it can probably fit three full-size spreadsheets side by side. For some folks, that’s worth $900. This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this monitor. The VA panel has a 120-Hz screen refresh rate, it’s curved, gets incredibly bright, and has a whopping 5,120 x 1,440 pixel resolution. Just know that you may need a fairly powerful PC to run intensive apps and games on this behemoth of a screen.  

Keyboard and Mouse Deals

We have plenty more picks in our Best Keyboards and Best Gaming Mouse guides.

Razer's Huntsman Mini keyboard.

Razer’s Huntsman Mini keyboard.

Photograph: Razer

If you’re like me and want a compact mechanical keyboard to save on desk space, then try the Huntsman Mini, which is also in our keyboard guide. It has 60-percent of the keys normally found on a regular keyboard, so there’s no NumPad or even arrow keys. Nice, small, and simple. 

This is as subtle as mechanical keyboards come. Yes, it has RGB lighting like almost all gaming keyboards these days, but you can turn it off if you prefer. WIRED reviewer Jess Grey says the keys are durable, quiet, and you get a full-size number pad.

Want no wires at all? This is the way. I’ve been using this Vissles mechanical keyboard for a few weeks and it is excellent. It’s clicky yet quiet, sits slightly sloped toward you, and has a wonderful layout (with arrow keys, too!). There’s RGB lighting, hot-swappable switches, and Bluetooth means you can pair it with five devices and switch between them quickly. Enter the code V84 at checkout to see the discount.

Steelseries Apex Pro laptop with rainbow lights

SteelSeries Apex Pro Keyboard.

Photograph: Steelseries

We love this keyboard because you can customize the type of mechanical switches in each key for a truly personalized typing experience. There’s also a nice LED display for system alerts, volume, and other things you can configure with SteelSeries’ software. And, of course, RGB. 

This reliable wired mouse is frequently on sale, but this is one of its lowest prices ever. It has customizable RGB lighting, quick response times, and two extra buttons on the left edge. 

I used this mouse for more than two years with no problems whatsoever. It’s simple yet well built, with a reliable and speedy connection as well as no noticeable input lag. The single AA battery it requires usually lasted me three to four months before it needed replacing, and that was with my heavy use.

razer viper gaming mouse

Razer Viper Ultimate.

Photograph: Razer

For an upgraded mouse experience, this used to be our top gaming pick. It was recently supplanted by the SteelSeries Prime Wireless, but still has industry-leading response times, optical switches, and wireless connectivity. Unlike many wireless mice, you don’t need to buy batteries to put inside it. It comes with a dock you can plop it on for wireless charging. Better yet, it’s ambidextrous, so it’s a great option for righties and lefties. 

Headphone and Headset Deals

These are just a small selection of our favorite headphones and mics. For more, read our Best Wireless Headphones, Best Cheap Headphones, Best Podcasting Gear, and Best Wireless Earbuds guides.

bose noise cancelling 700

Bose Noise Cancelling 700

Photograph: Bose

Like the Sony pair listed below, this is the lowest price ever for these Bose headphones. They’re an especially excellent pair if you make a lot of phone calls—even if you’re in a noisy coffee shop or the kids are yelling in the next room, they’ll silence the world around you so the person on the other end will hear you clearly.  

These usually dip to $278-$298 when they’re on sale, but this is the lowest price ever on our favorite wireless headphones. These Sony cans have long battery life, a comfy fit, and some of the best sound quality for the price. They also excel at noise canceling—important if you need to drown out the construction happening outside. (They’re also our favorite ANC headphones.) In this version, Sony also improved call quality, which makes them a solid choice for Zoom meetings.

The Cloud Flight S is one of our favorite wireless gaming headsets, but it’s great for anyone that wants headphones with a built-in mic that comes up to your mouth. WIRED reviewer Jess Grey says you an excellent soundstage, 30 hours of battery life, and the microphone is detachable. It doesn’t look too obnoxious, unlike some gaming gear, and the comfy earcups mean you can wear ’em for a while. Stock seems to be limited right now, but the price has dropped another $37 since earlier today.

Understated design is something we appreciate in a gaming headset, especially when it’s going to serve double duty as a pair of work and/or Zoom meeting headphones. SteelSeries has always been great at providing headsets that don’t look out of place in a home office. The Arctis 5 is one of our faves for PC gaming (the mic is quiet on PS4). It fits comfortably for long periods of time, has an excellent microphone that hides away inside one of the earcups when not in use, and produces rich, resonant sound.

If you want to spend less, the excellent corded SteelSeries Arctis 1 is $35 ($15 off), and it’s our favorite headset under $50.

1More ColorBuds

1More ColorBuds

Photograph: Joseph Shin

These are our favorite earbuds (8/10, WIRED Recommends) for most people. That’s because they’re affordable (especially on sale), offer up a comfy fit, are sweat-resistant so you can use it for your home workouts, and they manage to sound pretty great for the price. They hold six hours of battery life, but you can pop ’em in the case, which holds another 16 hours.  

These earbuds have gone on sale at this price two other times since April, but they made our list of best workout earbuds, so we’re including them. If you want a single pair to transition from your Zoom meeting to the gym, this is it. Jabra improved the microphones so call quality is great, and they sound good, too. They have a two-year warranty, a comfortable fit, and have physical buttons so your sweaty hair won’t switch tracks automatically mid-run. Read more in our review.

Charging, Cables, and Hub Deals

Satechi USBC hub

Satechi USB-C Multi-Port Hub

Photograph: Satechi

Plug this USB-C hub into your laptop and you can now connect an array of accessories. There’s an Ethernet port for faster internet, HDMI to hook your laptop up to a monitor, and even a MicroSD and SD card reader if you need to transfer photos or other documents. We’ve tested similar hubs from Satechi and they’ve worked well. This is a match of the lowest price this hub has dropped to. Belkin has a similar hub (with similar ports) also on sale for $50 ($50 off)

I tested and like this dock, which lets you plug in and charge multiple gadgets through one system. That means saving up on the number of outlets you need. It’s not going to charge your iPads or bigger devices as quickly as usual, but it’s still really convenient. The front area is also a wireless charging pad for your wireless earbuds case. Satechi is offering 33 percent off other work-from-home tech gear if you want to take a look.

This hub from Anker is made for MacBooks. It’ll take up two USB-C ports on your Apple laptop, but in return, you get access to nine other ports. This includes two USB-A and two USB-C ports, an HDMI, Ethernet, MicroSD and SD slots, plus a 3.5-mm headphone port. It can passthrough power to recharge a MacBook Pro. 

native union dock wireless charger
Photograph: Native Union

This is the top pick in our Best Wireless Chargers guide. The fabric design looks attractive, it comes in an array of colors, and the metal base won’t slide around. It exudes elegance, which is important if you’re curating the look of your room. It charges at 10 watts, which is fast enough for most Android phones and iPhones (though not the fastest). 

This is the lowest price we’ve seen on this wireless charger, which is in our guide to the Best Wireless Chargers. It’s a well-designed pad you can pop your Android phone or iPhone on, but what makes it special is the RGB lighting underneath. You can plug the USB-C port into your PC and download Razer’s Chroma software to activate unique lighting effects too. 

Charging adapters are getting smaller and smaller while outputting more power than before. This dual-port Anker charger should be sufficient enough to recharge an iPad Pro and even a MacBook (maybe not a MacBook Pro under heavy load). It comes with travel adapters, which is nice.

This cable isn’t for sale at a huge discount, but it’s nice to have extra connectors around the house. Whether you need to charge your iPhone by the couch or your official Apple charging cord was ripped up by the cat, these Anker cables should do the trick. They come in a variety of colors.

Webcams, Tablets, and More

Read our Best Tablet, Best iPad, and Best Webcam guides for other options.

Image may contain Cell Phone Electronics Mobile Phone and Phone

iPad Air

Photograph: Apple 

Apple updated the iPad Air in 2020 to make more powerful than the standard iPad, but not quite as luxurious as the iPad Pro (learn more in our iPad guide). It can even use the second version of the Apple Pencil, meaning the stylus stores and charges magnetically. It’s powerful so you can crank out some work on it thanks to iPadOS, which is getting more robust with every update. You also still get some old-school features like Touch ID (it’s integrated into the side power button).

We haven’t tested the Pro version of the Razer Kiyo, but we like its cheaper sibling so much that it’s our favorite webcam (it’s also on sale for $80 ($4 off). This pricier option delivers uncompressed 1080p 60 frames per second video quality, an adjustable field of view, and purports to look great in a variety of lighting conditions. It has a cover to hide the camera when you’re done using it. 

Since most of the country started working from home at the exact same time, webcams became scarce. This came out a few months ago, and we haven’t had a chance to test it yet, but we like Anker products and it’s reliably in stock.

If you don’t want to spend so much on a webcam, you can improve the built-in one in your laptop by giving it more light. If there’s no window nearby or your Zoom calls are often at strange hours, then invest in an LED panel like this one. You can tweak color temperature, brightness, and your webcam quality will suddenly look loads better. 

You probably are running out of outlets in your home. We haven’t tested this power strip from Anker, but you get six outlets, two USB-A ports, and a USB-C port. That’s pretty much all most people need to plug in at a desk, if not more. The USB-C port is rated for 30 watts, which means it can charge an iPad Pro just fine. 

Dealing with large files? If you need to move them around from the office to your home and don’t want to deal with long upload times, this portable SSD is your solution. It can store up to 2 terabytes and includes a USB-C-to-USB-A or USB-C-to-USB-C cable so you can plug it into your devices. This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen it.

Clip the on-page coupon to see the full deal at checkout. Ever since I started working from home, I’ve spent $2 printing labels every time I head to the post office. I just don’t have much room for a full-size printer (nor do I want the problems that usually come with them). We haven’t tried this yet (I will, soon!), but it prints labels of all sizes quickly and quietly and has really positive reviews around the web. You’ll want to make sure you grab labels.

This Android slate is dips frequently to $270, but this is still a good deal on a cheap tablet. It’s powerful than many other Android tablets in this price bracket, though you’ll still see some stutters here and there. It comes with a stylus, which is nice, and it’s a great size for catching up on the news after work, or hopping on a Zoom call in another room.

I tested and like Lenovo’s slightly newer M10 HD, but this tablet should work similarly well. It’s not very powerful, so don’t expect snappy performance, but it’s one of the few good cheap Android tablets out there. Unlike Fire tablets, which also run on Android, you can access all the apps in Google’s Play Store, just like any Android phone. This one’s handy to have around the house, whether it’s for following cooking recipes or joining a Zoom meeting in another room.

Router, Security, and Home Deals

new google nest with wifi in flight bluegrey color

Nest Wifi

Photograph: Google

Working remotely means you need good Wi-Fi. WIRED reviews director Jeffrey Van Camp uses and loves the standard Eero mesh Wi-Fi router in his home. This deal is on the Pro version, and this is a match of the lowest price it’s ever been. Amazon, which owns the Eero brand, says the Pro is more than twice as powerful as the standard model. There are two Ethernet ports (one for the router and the other for hardwiring it to another device like a PC). This 3-pack lets you place the routers around your home to create a mesh system for robust coverage everywhere. If you already own several Wi-Fi 6-enabled gadgets (lucky you), the Eero 6 is also on sale for $181 ($98 off), also the lowest price ever. (You can read our Wi-Fi 6 explainer here). 

If you want a more aesthetically pleasing router, we like Google’s Nest Wifi—even though it spells Wi-Fi wrong. This deal is on the two-pack, which includes two full Nest Wi-Fi routers (not the mesh extender), and it’s the lowest price we’ve ever seen. It’s dead simple to set up, has great guest network features, and is rated to cover up to 4,400 square feet.

For a more traditional (mesh-less) router experience, this is the one to get. It supports Wi-Fi 6, so you can connect more devices than ever and still maintain a good connection to all of them, and you get five gigabit Ethernet ports built-in to hook it up to your primary devices. 

If you’ve upgraded your home office with more and better equipment, you’ll want to make sure you keep it protected. Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras have their own host of privacy concerns, but if you follow the best practices we mention in our Best Security Cameras guide, they should give you some peace of mind. This camera from Nooie is one of our favorites. It’s attractive, offers 1080p video quality, and has pretty great motion detection. Even better, there’s two-factor authentication for the app for extra security. You can supply your own MicroSD card to store clips, or subscribe to a cloud storage plan. It lacks pet detection.

We also like this camera from TP-Link’s Kasa brand. As the name suggests, it can pan and tilt and you can control it via the app. You get 1080p video quality, motion detection, and it works with Google Assistant and Alexa, so you can view the feed on select smart displays. It’s not the biggest discount, but this is a match of the lowest price it’s ever been. 

Roborock vacuum

Roborock S6 MaxV

Photograph: Roborock

Working from home can mean juggling a lot of tasks. One of those doesn’t have to be vacuuming the house. Get a robot to do it for you instead! This is the lowest price ever for this robot vacuum. It’s in our Best Robot Vacuums guide, and you can read more about it in our review, but if you have a pet, it’s a no-brainer. It has powerful suction and has cameras that can identify and avoid obstacles (even pet poop). 

We are coffee snobs here at WIRED. We have guides on the Best Latte and Cappucino Machines, cold-brew coffee makers, coffee subscription services, coffee grinders, portable coffee makers, rugged French Presses for the outdoors, portable espresso makers. But maybe you just want your daily caffeine fix without any effort and miss the ease of pushing a button on the office Keurig. If that’s you, this model should satisfy. You’ll need to supply your own K-Cup pods, which are now recyclable—for what that’s worth.

cold brew maker

Primula Burke Cold Brewer


If you prefer cold brew, this is our favorite cold-brew coffee maker for most people. You put coarse grounds into the mesh basket, snap it in place, and slowly pour water through. Toss it in the fridge, wait 24 hours, and voilà! You’ll have smooth-tasting coffee.

WIRED writer Arielle Pardes likes this under-desk treadmill. It helped her log 8 miles walking on it on her very first try, all while emailing, responding to Slacks, and writing. If you’re using a standing desk and want to feel more active, this is a great solution. This is almost a match of the lowest price we’ve seen for it (but that was before the pandemic).  

This image may contain Electronics Phone Mobile Phone Cell Phone Speaker and Audio Speaker

Coway Airmega 200M (about 2 feet tall)

Photograph: Coway

Since you’re spending so much more time at home, you may as well keep the air clean. This is our favorite air purifier for small rooms. It’s small, so it will fit pretty much anywhere, and it is rated for spaces up to 361 square feet. There’s an included air quality monitor that will turn the machine off when it doesn’t detect pollution. 

Working from home means you don’t necessarily get the same security protections your office used to provide. This security key lets you keep your accounts secure with two-factor authentication. Pop it into the USB-A port of your laptop and PC to authorize access, or tap the NFC end to your phone. Just know if you use the LastPass password manager, you’ll need to upgrade to a YubiKey 5. If you’re unsure how it works, we have a guide.

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